Our biggest supporters are our Friends of Frieze Hill Community Orchard who provide most of our income, come along to our events and help out on Maintenance Mornings. We have also had lots of help and support from:

Charlton Orchards

Robin and June Small of Charlton Orchards gave us lots of advice and support when we first started out. June is an authority on the origin of apple variety names. Robin can tell you the variety of your apple from its look and taste.

Natural England

Natural England helped fund our initial tree planting.

Network Rail

Network Rail are responsible for Fairwater Yard, the home for a High Output Track Renewal System for the South West. Network Rail kindly moved their large diesel generator away from a boundary fence shared with the Orchard. They have given orchard members a guided tour of Fairwater Yard and spoken about their work at a meeting organised for this purpose. The staff at Fairwater Yard give us a lot of help at Wassail time by providing the wood for our bonfire and lighting up the Orchard with their on-site spotlights.

Somerset County Council

Somerset County Council helped to fund our initial tree planting. Our County Councillor, Danny Wedderkopp, contributed from his Councillor budget to wards the cost of our new seat.

Taunton Deane Borough Council

Our local Council gave us a lot of support when we started out. They helped to organise our early meetings, funded our first seat and helped with insurance costs. Through the DLO, the Council mows the grass (and agrees with us how and when this should be done). The Council owns the land and the Orchard has a Management Agreement with the Council.

Western Power Distribution

Western Power Distribution (WPD) have electrical power distribution cables and cable support structures on our site and occasionally have to carry out maintenance work. In recompense, WPD arranged for our west boundary hedge to be replanted.