Planning application

Planning application for the field next door

Many of you will have heard about the recent planning application to build a track in the field adjacent to the Community Orchard. The applicants wish to build this track to enable the future building of a SHORT-TERM OPERATIONAL RESOURCE (STOR). A STOR is a fossil-fuelled electricity generating facility designed to contribute electricity to the National Grid during shortages at peak demand.

The electricity is generated by diesel or liquid gas fuelled generators and this proposal would mean 50 or more large generators operating adjacent to two local nature reserves – the Community Orchard and Silk Mills.

To find out more about this you can read our briefing note and see the Community Orchard’s objection, and those submitted by others, by looking online at the Council’s Planning Applications website and keying in the number of the application: 34/17/0016

Update November 2017

The planning application for the access track has been withdrawn. The applicant has stated that they will resubmit the application for access and electricity generation together.