Management Plan




Pruning apples and pears (could be December)


Weedkilling, audit of trees, barriers, ties, scything around arbour and burdocks and nettles at far end.


Work morning - checking barriers, ties, stakes.


Pruning plums, cherries and nuts. Strimming & weedkilling around trees.


Work morning - brambles, thistles, burdock


Ragwort pulling


Apple day. Grass cutting.


Work morning - planting bulbs, checking stakes etc.


Planting, topping hedge, pruning.

Grass Cutting & Barn Owls

Our current approach is to allow the grass in the Orchard to grow until the autumn. This is to encourage a population of voles for barn owls. The grass will be cut across the whole Orchard, to a length of 6 inches, in late September/early October. Four times a year, paths will be cut though the Orchard. An area around each tree is kept weed free.

Children at a Taunton school helped to build a barn owl box which was installed in the Orchard.

See Somerset Community Barn Owl Project

Planting History


Hedging whips of guelder rose, hawthorn, hazel and blackthorn put in between orchard land and allotments.


Dessert, cooking and cider apples - many with local connections such as:

Devonshire Quarrenden, Tom Putt, Dabinett, Yarlington Mill,

Kingston Black, Stoke Red


Dessert and perry pears, cherries


Plums, gages and crab apples


Hazels and cob nuts, damsons


Medlar, asian pear, cherries


Bullace, mirabelles


Crab apples, cherries


All trees were donations


Updated list coming soon….

Tree Planting Scheme

Each year we plant trees that have been funded by members of the public in remembrance of a loved one, to celebrate a new arrival and for all sorts of other reasons.

Please contact us if you wish to plant a tree in the Orchard. We will discuss with you the kind of tree that you would like, advise on the cost (for the tree, stake and tree-tie) and order it from our suppliers, Triscombe Nurseries. Trees are all planted on the same day in November. The Community Orchard will dig the hole for the tree in advance and put in the stake. Donors are asked to come along at a pre-arranged time, with tools, to plant their tree.

Donors are expected to become a Friend of Frieze Hill Community Orchard.

If you would like to donate a tree to the Orchard, in this way, please phone Mary on 01823 283955.

Maintenance & Planting Mornings - see Coming Up for dates in 2018

From time to time, on a Sunday morning (occasionally on other days of the week) from 9 am to Noon, we have a Work Morning to carry out various jobs in the Orchard including planting trees and plants, pruning, checking and replacing tree guards and stakes and clearing weeds from around the trees. Volunteers are very welcome. Just turn up on the day with a pair of heavy-duty gardening gloves and any tools you think will be useful (loppers are good).