Frieze Hill Community Orchard is in Taunton, Somerset - see Location.

The Orchard was set up in 2003 by a group of local people. The land used to form part of the adjacent allotments. It was originally conveyed to the Council at the end of the First World War by Henry Gribble Turner and the conveyance contains a restrictive covenant that the land can only be used for food production. Mr Turner was concerned about food shortages and wanted to provide somewhere where local people could grow their own. The land was unused for some time until the Community Orchard was established. The Frieze Hill Community Orchard has a Management Agreement with the Council.

The Orchard has a strong ‘Friends of Frieze Hill Community Orchard’ base in the local community and is run by volunteers. Click here to download our Management Agreement with the Council.

Our activities and achievements

The Orchard and the local community

The Orchard has a special place in the heart of the local community. Many local people get involved one way or another. We place a lot of value on the contribution of our volunteers and donors. We give beautiful wooden apples to individuals who have made a special contribution. We hope our volunteers feel appreciated. Local people look after the Orchard in a general, day-to-day way. We have suffered little vandalism and any potential problems are quickly dealt with. We keep in touch with other volunteer groups who look after neighbouring sites such as the Friends of French Weir Park and the Committee of Long Run Meadows. A once neglected piece of land is now an attractive and fruitful public space and a great example of community spirit.

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